Past Doll Shows

The Focal Point of our Doll Making Year is the Auckland Doll Show!

For the past 28 years The Auckland Dollmakers and Collectors Club has successfully run our annual Auckland Doll Show, now called the Auckland festival of Doll Art.

Make sure you check our ‘Auckland Doll Show 2014‘ page for details of our upcoming show.

2012 Highlights of the Dolls of Other Media and Creative Sections:

For anyone who can’t see the following video, you can view it here

Earlier Shows:



image5                                        Isn’t she just a delight?

image6 Each year we have a theme around which we base our show. We decorate our venue accordingly and some of our entrants enter in theme as well. The images below are from our Winter Wonderland show a few years ago:

image7   image8

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