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A Little Bit of History

The Auckland Dollmakers & Collectors Club was formed as a club on 25th August 1985, when an enthusiastic group of dollmakers and collectors met for the first time to set up a doll club in the Auckland area.

The club was formed to promote the making and collecting of dolls as a hobby. New Zealand at the time was a little isolated from the doll suppliers and this new club provided an avenue, from which ideas and skills could be shared.

The club soon grew to such a size that we needed somewhere to meet that was larger than just someone’s living room. For many years we met at the Auckland Veteran and Vintage Car Club and in the mid 1990’s we moved our club meetings to the beautiful historic Ferndale House in Mt Albert.

In recent years we have seen the club move to the Auckland Horticulture Centre in Western Springs where we hold our club days, craft days, and also our Annual Doll Show.

The Annual Doll Show has been a very successful event each year. The inaugural show was held in April 1986. Over the years the event has been enjoyed by club members and the public alike, who look forward to participating and attending our show.

The club days are very informal occasions, usually we have a guest speaker or hands on demonstration which is enjoyed by all. The opportunity to borrow from the library and catch up with others interested in doll making is all important. Though this contact we encourage the making and collecting dolls and keep this very interesting and rewarding hobby alive.

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